Mean Streets (1973) – Movie Wallpaper – Happy Holidays 2008 from Cinema is Dope!!!!!

What a odd and ironic publicity still from the gritty mafia crime film Mean Streets from filmmaker Martin Scorsese. It’s like Christmas card done mafia style! I can just imagine if it were a Hallmark card and this image was on the front and on the inside it would read, “Yule tide greetings from Johnny Boy’s clan! We hope you see your boy Tommy has been beaten and gift wrapped with extra love and care! Don’t worry he will recover, well probably not, but happy holiday anyway.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there from Cinema is Dope! Hope you have a great holiday time and get some great new films to watch. For those in Austin, I highly recommend checking out the LET THE RIGHT ONE IN when it starts playing in limited time slots at the Ritz this weekend (currently playing at their South Lamar location).

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Official publicity still used in the original US release.

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