Lars introduces FLYING MASTERS OF KUNG FU at Weird Wednesday

Lars Introduces the kung fu film “FLYING MASTERS OF KUNG FU” at Weird Wednesday from Blake on Vimeo.

Judy Lee is THE HEARTLESS LADY in Flying Masters of Kung Fu who will kick down all doors and anyone in her path on her quest of revenge, prepare for a bloody good outrageous time!

This is another great introduction from Lars for the incredibly fun kung fu film from Taiwan called Flying Masters of Kung Fu! This one falls more into the late 70’s kung fu comedies, which I tend to have a love/hate relationship for as I mostly gravitate more to Hong Kong made ones from the likes of Shaw Brothers and titles like Boxer from Shantung, though I do absolutely love Return to the 36th Chamber, which is perhaps my favorite kung fu comedy ever!

What pushes Flying Masters of Kung Fu is the energy and creativity it puts into the story and into the action. We get even crazier cuts of people flying (reversed shots more than likely) with even crazier outer space science fiction sound effects mixed in that would make George Lucas and his Skywalker Sounds jealous. Many of the clever and very inspired optical and practical effects of the movie, while clearly pulled off on a shoe string budget come right smack dab out of nowhere and elevate several action sequences into, “Wow, did I just see that?” territory, which even for someone like me that has seen thousands of kung fu films is really saying something! Everything in this outing works and hand foot to compliment each other along with having no budget and no urge to be cohesive. It’s the imperfections and perfections that sing in a weird beautiful harmony and oh what a great old school kung fu action packed mix tape it is! For low budget old school kung fu coming out of Taiwan and the kung fu comedy period, it rarely gets this good.

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