Lee Marvin Smiling – Portrait Wallpaper – Lee Marvin Month

Lee Marvin Month – February 2009

Details of this still:

This is a press still that shows that even back then there was a bit of ruthlessness in covering celebrity. The actual captions that ran in newspapers using this photograph ranged from:

Lee Marvin – Doesn’t scare the kids

to one with a quote from Mr. Marvin:

‘Tequila . . . there’s a real polite drink now.’

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About Lee Marvin Month:
Lee Marvin fans rejoice with the month long celebration, immersion and exploration of his work here at Cinema is Dope. This series will take place in February 2009 and will highlight the career of Lee Marvin from cinema to television to real life. Pictures will be of him kicking ass, fighting, drinking, smiling, displaying his trademark scowl and more. Rest assure lots and lots and lots of rare images from both is work and personal life will be on display.

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You can follow along at these specific urls/web addresses:
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::: tinyurl.com/lee-marvin-month

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If you’re interested in learning more about Lee Marvin, I highly recommend the following Cinema is Dope book pick for February 2009, MARVIN – The Story of Lee Marvin by Donald Zec.

Additionally fans of Lee Marvin cinema will want to pick up this amazing Point Blank poster from Mondo Tees!

Lee Marvin Point Blank Poster Mondo Tees

As always when in Austin, Texas, be sure to check out Weird Wednesday (January/February 2009 lineup). Previous titles screened include Point Blank.

My current favorite restaurant in Austin is Kyoto Japanese Restaurant. Sushi rolls recommended are their Longhorn and Godzilla rolls. If you’re in a hurry sitting at the sushi bar is recommended. Be sure to tell them CinemaisDope.com sent you if you visit.

Image Source:
Official random press still.

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Coming Soon – March 2009 @ Cinema is Dope will feature a month long look at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF).

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