La Horde – Latest News

News for the French post-apocalyptic zombie thriller meets Die Hard 1 with lots of gunplay and carnage, titled La Horde should start to heat up over the coming months with post production in full gear. This is a movie that was placed on my map by French filmmaker Xavier Gens last year at NIFFF (watch him talk about La Horde here). Not Xavier is a producer on this one. I quickly checked into the film and everyone on board with this project was aiming to not simply rehash current genre cinema but to throw down big time and make one of the wildest and hardest movies in recent memory. For the film festival circuit the current track in my estimation puts into film festival slots late Summer (Sitges, Venice, Toronto and many could be distinct possibilities). Better word for this project will come after it screens at the market in Cannes this year. Todd over at Twitch caught the first big promo reel for La Horde at EFM (read about here) and it seems so far on track to deliver their promise on seeming to want to eclipse everyone else. Since many of you myself included can’t glimpse the promo reel, I think the new footage shown below will more than suffice to give you a taste for things to come.

Reportage France 2 РLes films gore en France (d̩cembre 08)

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