BMX Bandits (1983) – Vintage Movie Wallpaper of the Day – Nicole Kidman


Vintage Movie Wallpaper of the Day
Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brian Trenchard-Smith (official blog) is a favorite guest and filmmaker here in Austin, Texas, with many of his films from Man from Hong Kong to this one, BMX Bandits. Who would have thought in Nicole Kidman would have kick started her film career as a BMX bike wiz named Judy. Here in this Japanese poster you not only see her in the bottom right but also front in center as the main BMX-er. As for fun kid films and especially fun kids films that feature bicycles this ranks as one of the best! And even if you don’t like kid films or films featuring bicycling of any variety then you still might dig this film as it’s non-stop highly entertaining and charming. While seeing this film on VHS seems to be more common I definitely recommend seeing this one on the big screen someday to see it the way it’s meant to be experienced.

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Image Source:
Official original Japanese poster artwork for this film.

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