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New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Note that BBC Warner will be releasing seasons 1-3 of The Mighty Boosh on DVD in the US on July 21st (each retails around $20-$30).

I had no plans at all to write or say anything publicly about Bunny and the Bull but seeing as how the cat is already out of the bag online about this one… well here goes! I’ve already noted that REC 2 was my favorite promo reel that I saw at Cannes this year. The second best promo reel that I saw while there was for Bunny and the Bull. I knew it was from the Mighty Boosh (wiki) team going into it and then it certainly seemed like an indie comedy that could work, but just how much would it work within the confines of the leap from TV? The answer was damn near perfectly. The technical specs and look of everything was sensational. There was no TV look to be found anywhere with everything I saw looking beyond polished Gondry surreal and decadent. Even better while it was these grand beautiful realized worlds of reality and fantasy onscreen (lensed cinematographer John Sorapure who is next working on the Tony Hawk film Round Ireland with a Fridge) it was also equally as humorous and engaging. Images above look much grainier then how the film itself look and are in no way representative of how it will appear on screen.

This one should have much broader appeal that extends well beyond the fan base of the television show. There seemed to be some skepticism for how this road movie set within a single location (a flat) could actually work and I can safely say once you start seeing trailers for this one any fears you have will be out the window. Don’t let the single location thing fool you as there will plenty of places, worlds and different forms of reality explored. It’s press releases state not oly does it have some Gondry inspiration but it also will be a… “Withnail & I for the mentally ill” along with a dash of the film “Sideways.” It’s not far fetched to think this very well might be in most best of 2009 film lists when all is said and done. I myself cannot wait to see the full entire film as the near 10 plus minute promo reel made me wishing I could have seen the entire film then and there.

Paul King who directed all the episodes of the TV series is at the helm both writing and directing with this marking his debut feature film.

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Warning some small spoilers (if you want to go completely fresh into this one, don’t read any further)

BUNNY & THE BULL is a road movie set entirely in a flat. Stephen Turnbull (Edward Hogg) hasn’t left the house in months. When an infestation of mice wreaks havoc on his precious routine, he finds his mind hurtling back to the disastrous trek round Europe he undertook the previous year with his best friend Bunny (Simon Farnaby).

It all began with a feeble attempt to declare his feelings in a hokey Captain Crab restaurant. Stephen is devastated to discover that the great love of his life has put him firmly in “the friend zone“. Bunny proposes that they go on holiday, determined to do something about “those walloping great space-hoppers” that Stephen has “clanging around in his pants“.

At the local bookies, Stephen breaks the habit of a lifetime and takes a risk, putting fifty quid on a rank outsider. With the winnings, they launch themselves into a debauched road trip where they stumble upon a demented dog-loving tramp (Julian Barratt), an alcoholic ex-matador (Noel Fielding) and a quite astonishingly dull tour-guide (Richard Ayoade).

But it is the superstitious waitress Eloisa (Veronica Echegui) who steals their hearts. An unlikely love triangle develops which propels them from the industrial wastelands of Poland to the haunting bull fields of Spain, where we finally reach the heart of Bunny & the Bull.

A year later, Stephen’s flat becomes the springboard for an extraordinary journey through his memory. Like Alice in Wonderland, he finds himself on a voyage through psychedelic lands made up of snapshots and souvenir replica landmarks, newspapers and old clock parts.

Combining the visual inventiveness of Michel Gondry and the bittersweet comedy of “Sideways“, BUNNY & THE BULL is a “Withnail & I” for the mentally ill – a funny, touching, beautiful and utterly unique journey to the end of the room.

Alternate Synopsis:

BUNNY & THE BULL, the feature film debut from writer / director Paul King (The Mighty Boosh) will be released later this year.

BUNNY & THE BULL is a comedy road movie set entirely in a flat. Stephen Turnbull hasn’t been outside in months, and when he finds his mind hurtling back to the disastrous trek around Europe he undertook with his friend Bunny a catalogue of adventures unfold. Stephen’s flat becomes the springboard for an extraordinary odyssey through lands made up of snapshots and souvenir replica landmarks within his imagination. BUNNY & THE BULL is a touching and beautiful journey to the end of the room.

A Warp X production, BUNNY & THE BULL stars Edward Hogg (White Lightnin’, Brothers of the Head), Simon Farnaby (The Mighty Boosh, Jam and Jerusalem) and Veronica Echegui (El Patio de mi Carcel, Yo soy la Juani). Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade also appear in supporting roles. BUNNY & THE BULL is due for release in Summer 2009.

Edward Hogg recently appeared in the Sunday Times Culture section, in a piece about up and coming leading men.

BUNNY & THE BULL is produced by Mary Burke (A Complete History of My Sexual Failures, Rubber Johnny), with Mark Herbert (This is England, Dead Man’s Shoes) and Robin Gutch (Hunger, Executive Producer Death of a President, Touching the Void).

Writer/director Paul King works in both TV and theatre, specializing in comedy. He directed Garth Marenghi’s Fright Knight and Netherhead, winner of the 2001 Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival and was associate director of the Channel 4 series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. He directed Noel Fielding’s Perrier nominated show Voodoo Hedgehog, before directing all three series of The Mighty Boosh and their live tour shows in 2006 and 2008.

Producer Mary Burke works across both Warp Films and Warp X slates. In 2007, she produced A Complete History of my Sexual Failures for Chris Waitt and is associate producing Fur TV, a comedy TV series currently in production with Warp Films for MTV, also directed by Waitt. Mary produced Rubber Johnny for Chris Cunningham in 2005. Her credits include BAFTA award-winning short My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (Chris Morris), Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England (Shane Meadows).

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Image Source:
Official stills that were used in the original international release of the film.

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