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Here we are late Sunday night in Austin bracing for the first public screening of REC! Great to see this town finally get a dose of just how great of a little horror movie Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero have crafted, as well as experience a terrific performance by Manuela Velasco. I’m eagerly awaiting REC 2 which picks up two hours after this first film ends. I also can’t wait to see Luis Berdejo (write of REC) get his Jennifer Can horror film made.

I’ve gone back through all my images to see if I had missed posting any from this film and sure enough there were 12 I had yet to post and now they are up! Be sure to pick up the DVD tomorrow. I’m going to image the DVD from Spain has many more extras and all that but if you don’t have an all region player or way to watch a DVD from a different region then you will want the US version. Turn out the lights and pop it in!

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REC 2 was by far the most hard hitting, intense and best damn promo reel I saw at Cannes this year. If what I saw was any indication REC 2 might be the best horror film of 2009 hands down. For those attending Sitges (official site) this year you will be able to see it in style opening night at the Melia!

Image Source:
Official stills that was used in the original international release of the film.

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