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New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I’m not a fan of school rampage movies or those that dwell on its subject matter at all. Having said that Denis Villeneuve’s black and white film , Polytechnique, serves as a torch in the form of cinema to offer remembrance and a deep soulful look at the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre and the lives it ended, touched and changed forever. It’s a very powerful film and easily the most moving one I’ve seen this year. Films that deal with tragic events and especially those that deal with this type are really impossible to pull off or bring about anything worthwhile, yet here we get this torch given to us by Villeneuve our own lives are forever changed and moved by watching it. With this torch he allows us to experience this event and lives lost while prompting reflection in how we will live out our days before our own curtain comes down. In so many films death is treated rather emotionally innocuous and here each death carries weight and sadness that you feel. It’s a very harrowing and soul searching film that understands the weight of the story its carrying. By no means is this the easiest film to sit through but it’s one of the most important films of 2009.

Villeneuve weaves some non-conventional narrative choices into it that at first have you scratching your head wonder what is going on before he starts to connect everything in very inspired fashion, just beautifully done.

I saw this in the official Cannes Directors’ Fortnight (link) section and do believe it will be one of the films selected for the Academy Awards’ foreign-language film selection.

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Based on the true events that occurred on December 6, 1989, at Montreal’s Polytechnique School…

The movie tells us about that specific day through the eyes of two students, Valerie and Jean-Francois, whose lives were changed forever when a young man entered the school with one idea in mind: to kill himself and take with him as many women as possible.

Image Source:
Official stillsthat were used in the original international release of the film.

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