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Vintage Movie Wallpaper of the Day
Monday, July 20, 2009

Incredible close up of Rosalba Neri in Jess Franco’s women in prison classic, 99 Women! When I posted a previous image of Neri from this film I never in a million years imagined that a few short months later I’d be sitting in Europe chatting and interviewing Jess Franco himself talking about Rosalba Neri and this film (watch interview I did with him here)! We talked before I interviewed him on Neri and this film as I was commenting on how Lars had recently screened it in Austin, Texas at Weird Wednesday. And now at Fantastic Fest this year we have Jess Franco to receive Lifetime Achievement Award (details)! Hopefully everyone in Austin and those attending Fantastic Fest this year realize how incredibly rare of a treat this is and we will be in the presence of cinema royalty. Mr. Franco is an unbelievably candid and wonderfully nice man. I really had no idea what to expect when I met him. He had an absorbing and vivid memory of so many films he did and actors, actresses, crew and musicians he worked with. I really cannot thank Lars enough for making this happen. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever cross paths with Franco again and now it looks like it will happen!!!!!

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Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original USA release of the film.

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