Previewing Sitges Film Festival 2009 – Part Four

Previewing Sitges Film Festival 2009

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Part four of the Cinema is Dope preview of the upcoming 42nd Sitges Film Festival. Fourth in a series with another look back at the 40th Sitges Film Festival featuring a diverse set of 25 photographs I took. Hopefully these images display the reason why so many people love this festival and make it an annual pilgrimage of cinema love (view fourth set here).

Featured in this series are the following people: Enzo G. Castellari, Karina Testa, Xavier Gens, Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury, Colin Geddes, Park Chan-wook, Edgar Wright, Yves Montmayeur, Ryoo Seung-wan and Steve Dollar. In addition there are several shots of the sun setting against its Mediterranean setting, a futuristic feeling park I loved to visit there, the snack stand across the Melia that is a lifesaver for chowing down when you have less than 10 minutes in-between films and pictures of the audience from the first ever screening in Spain of Fantastic Fest winner and favorite, Timecrimes.

I will be posting further 25 photograph installments, tips on hotel stay, overviews of the festival and more! Stay tuned!

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Sitges Film Festival 2009:
::: Official Site
::: Sitges Official Facebook Fan Page
::: Variety on Sitges ‘09
::: Malcolm McDowell to receive the Grand Honorary Award at the opening, which will moved up to October 1st
::: [REC]2 to open Sitges 09
::: Alien is the inspiration for Sitges 09
::: The latest and most eagerly awaited genre films at Official Fantàstic Section
::: Animation, international variants of horror and 3D film
::: Sitges 09 will be recalling certain flashes from the 80’s

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