The SPLICE Interview with Vincenzo Natali at 42 Sitges Film Festival

Interview Table of Contents:

  • North American Release Date?
  • What is SPLICE?
  • Any Limitations in Realizing SPLICE?
  • Realizing The Character of DREN With A Human Actress, CGI, Practical Effects & More
  • Delphine Chaneac as DREN
  • Ripped From Today’s Headlines
  • Less is More
  • Shooting Scenes With DREN
  • Digital Effects & CGI
  • The SPLICE Interview with Vincenzo Natali at 42 Sitges Film Festival

    Yes well made and bloody good fun smart sci-fi cinema can be really fun! Splice is the surprise hit of 2009 for me in cinema. Not that it should have been an outright surprise but in just how well it turned out. It’s a film you walk into with high expectations not only from the hype but having Guillermo del Toro on board as an executive producer and directed by Vincenzo Natali. In many ways for me Splice felt like a milestone film as it has a character that is fully CGI in places that feels incredibly involving and brings with it a palette of emotions and humanity that is rare in the over CGI jungle of film where emotion and humanity tends to be the last thing you ever find. I credit this with Natali’s direction to have the character of DREN be realize not only through CGI but also through puppetry, the works of KNB with real prosthetics and practical effects, as well as actress Delphine Chaneac who helps to bring the audience into her character without missing a beat. This layered combination stands head and shoulders over all the mindless CGI-ish and imaginary film characters that came before her.

    Seeing Splice before a packed audience for its world premiere at the 42 Sitges Film Festival where everyone in attendance ate up everything the film threw at it was a true treat. Since it doesn’t play like your typical creature sci-fi film with telegraphed story points or routine conventional arcs, throughout its running time you really have no idea what is going to happen next, which at one points culminates in the wildest moment in cinema in 2009 (yes wilder than noted scenes in Antichrist or Enter the Void)… which literally had me and the entire audience going, “Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” followed by strong applause. A well made sci-fi film seems rare these days, save for films like Moon, and SPLICE is a welcome breath of fresh air not only for sci-fi cinema but also in there approach for crafting believable worlds, creatures and characters in a ripped from the headlines type of film that soars. Equal parts melodrama, family bonding, terror, roller coaster ride and out right horror, SPLICE is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat and by the end you will probably be telling yourself that you had no idea a smart sci-fi film could be so much damn fun!

    With that said it was great to sit down and talk with Vincenzo Natali the director of SPLICE, whom I interviewed almost immediately after the first time I had seen it during a morning press screening (later that night I saw it again for the second time at its official world premiere). With the film fresh in my mind it was great delving into his thoughts on the film and various aspects of it. I also wanted to allow him to set it up and talk to audiences directly in it to frame what the film was about as there had been too many wondering if it was yet another SPECIES type of film (which I personally felt was made more confusing by a lot of initial artwork that looked too much like the SPECIES artwork). So sit back and enjoy this roughly 9 minute interview and lets hope it hits US shores in movie theaters before March of 2010 (which can always change depending on which distributor picks it up).

    Also, be sure to read posted by Kurt Halfyard’s review of SPLICE at Row Three (here).

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