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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kicking off the month long celebration for this film with this classic pose of Jenny David (Susan Strasberg). It is this photograph and image that makes its way and weaves itself through nearly all the films promotional marketing and advertising pieces. When I had originally posted 10 original restored stills from this film, it was primarily not posting this one that I lamented the most and it seemed incredibly bleak I’d ever stumble across anymore. As luck would have it, fate stepped in and a whole big stack landed in my lap full of original stills (including this one) and a month long celebration was born!

I still don’t know what it is when Jenny Davis first sways into frame in Richard Rush’s, Psych-Out, but when she lands in frame it immediately causes you to sit up in your chair as if it signals this is a film that will captivate you from sequence to sequence. It is this nature of Psych-Out that breaths you into its universe and takes you by hand through a wild psychedelic journey through the streets of San Francisco. It may not have had anywhere the budget of bigger late 60’s Hollywood films but where it lacks in budget it more than makes up for it with engaging (though some are certainly more offbeat than others) characters, endless life and imagination that bounce throughout its run time and time capsule story. Perhaps its the universality of the story and its characters shining a light that anyone can relate to in finding ruts in our life where we aren’t sure who we are anymore or where we are going but we find these little pockets of journeys in strange lands with strange people which as we learn more aren’t really all that strange. What makes this film so special is the way it holds your hand and with Jenny Davis and Richard Rush leading the way its a journey that will never grow old.

I hope you follow along each day as we celebrate this under seen gem of the 60’s and if you haven’t already be sure and check it out on DVD.

A Month Long Celebration of Psych-Out (1968) at CID: November 2009

Each day in November of 2009 at CID we will be celebrating Richard Rush cinema one still at a time with his 1968 film, Psych-Out, along the way with added surprises.

The twitter hash tag for this month long celebration will simply be #richardrush.

For fans of this film be sure and pick up Gary Kent’s new book, Shadows and Light, Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood (details).

If you like this film and want to see other great films that have been reborn through Lars and Weird Wednesday, be sure to get out to this weekly series each Wednesday (info). In particular this month is the screening of Sam Peckinpah’s, BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA.

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Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original USA release of the film.

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