Upcoming at Cinema is Dope

Just want to say a quick thanks to everyone who helped support and spread the word about Cinema is Dope in October. CID is a little indie effort out of Austin, Texas. I focus on celebrating cinema, spreading the word on great films past and present to check out, exploring cinema and as well restoring original stills from films so that future generations can enjoy them.

The monthly numbers for this site are currently 200,000 page views a month and now over 100,000 monthly unique visitors and growing.

In addition to celebrating Richard Rush’s Psych-Out, I will be posting a ton of film reviews and much more 42 Sitges Film Festival coverage. I have some more interviews in the pipeline but a bit of delay as I have to get them translated out with subtitles.

The month will kick off with original stills from The Wild Bunch, Getaway, Truck Turner, Torso, L’Eclisse, L’Avventura and a very rare image of Bruce Lee. Add to this mix more film reviews and more 42 Sitges Film Festival coverage!

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