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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


More Richard Rush surprises for the CID month long Psych-Out celebration. We take a pause today to show you this incredibly rare and amazing German lobbycard of Jack Nicholson in another San Francisco set Richard Rush film, Hells Angels on Wheels… or as it was known in German – Die Wilden Schlager von San Francisco.

A Month Long Celebration of Psych-Out (1968) at CID: November 2009

Each day in November of 2009 at CID we will be celebrating Richard Rush cinema one still at a time with his 1968 film, Psych-Out, along the way with added surprises.

I’d love to know what is your favorite Richard Rush film!?! Tweet what it is on Twitter with the following hashtag of #richardrush.

For fans of this film be sure and pick up Gary Kent’s new book, Shadows and Light, Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood (details).

If you like this film and want to see other great films that have been reborn through Lars and Weird Wednesday, be sure to get out to this weekly series each Wednesday (info). In particular this month is the screening of Sam Peckinpah’s, BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA.

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Month Long Celebration:
::: 11/10 – Surprise #2: Hells Angels on Wheels
::: 11/09 – Ladies and Gentlemen… The Seeds!
::: 11/08 – Warren has a bad trip!
::: 11/07 – The Funeral
::: 11/06 – Surprise #1: Freebie and the Bean
::: 11/05 – Jenny Davis in Love…
::: 11/04 – Warren, Stoney & Ben
::: 11/03 – Bruce Dern is The Seeker
::: 11/02 – Elwood, Jenny & Stoney
::: 11/01 – Jenny Davis in Classic Film Pose
::: Announcement

Image Source:
Official lobbycard that was used in the original German release of the film.

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