Black Widow (1954) – Daily Movie Quote

Nancy Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner): Would you mind saying just a word or two to me? Peter Denver (Van Heflin): On what subject? Nancy Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner): I don’t think it really matters. It’s just that my mother always told me that, “If a girl could be at a party for 30 minutes without…

Black Widow (1954) – Daily Movie Quote

Brian Mullen (Reginald Gardiner): What if he could prove that he was at the movie at the time that girl was killed? Detective Lt. C.A.Bruce (George Raft): To tell you the truth Mr. Mullen, I’ve rarely met a murderer who wasn’t a a movie at the time of the murder. Link:Buy the Black Widow…

Law and Order (1932) – Daily Movie Quote

Deadwood (Raymond Hatton): With the life we’re following, we’re going to get a belly full of lead for breakfast sooner or later. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Night and the City (1950) – Daily Movie Quote

Kristo (Herbert Lom): You’re very sharp, Mr. Fabian. You’ve done a very sharp thing, maybe even sharp enough to cut your throat. Link:Buy the Night and the City – Criterion Collection DVD Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Hollow Triumph (1948) – Daily Movie Quote

John Muller / Dr. Victor Emil Bartok (Paul Henreid): You’re a bitter little lady. Evelyn Hahn (Joan Bennett): It’s a bitter little world. Link:Buy the Hollow Triumph DVD Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0