The Underworld Story (1950) – Daily Movie Quote

Mike Reese (Dan Duryea): I never asked you for a nickel, baby, did I? Catherine Harris (Gale Storm): You wouldn’t have gotten it. You were never worth that much. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

The Blue Gardenia (1953) – Daily Movie Quote

Crystal Carpenter (Ann Sothern): Honey, if a girl killed every man who got fresh with her, how much of the male population do you think there’d be left? Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

T-Men (1947) – Daily Movie Quote

The Schemer (Wallace Ford): You think you’ll get a fair shake from this crowd? When cows give beer you will. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Mildred Pierce (1945) – Daily Movie Quote

Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford): l know you romantic guys. One crack about the beautiful moon and you’re off to the races. Related Coverage: ::: MILDRED PIERCE—Introductory Remarks by Marc Huestis and Eddie Muller (The Evening Class) Link:Buy the Mildred Pierce DVD Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Hollywood Shuffle (1987) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×630) ] Mr. Jones (John Witherspoon): This is not your average hot dog stand… you know what this is? This is… Winky – Dinky – Dog! Caption: Bobby Taylor (Robert Townsend), left) gets a speech from his boss, Mr. Jones (John Witherspoon, right), about his bright future at Winky Dinky Dog while…

Behind Locked Doors (1948) – Movie Quote

Kathy Lawrence (Lucille Bremer): I’m not so sure you’re not really insane, with that kissing fixation of yours. Ross Stewart (Richard Carlson): Have you got a better way to go crazy? Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Pitfall (1948) – Movie Quote

Mona Stevens (Lizabeth Scott): You’re a little man with a briefcase. You go to work every morning and you do as you’re told. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Hot Fuzz (2007) – Movie Wallpaper

During the time it took me to post this, there were 8,000,032 birthday cakes flushed around the world down hotel toilets. [ View Image (1024×683) ] PC Danny Butterman: (Nick Frost): Point Break or Bad Boys II? Related Coverage: ::: 40th Sitges – Filmmaker Edgar Wright’s Secret Lee Marvin Pose (Blake) Image Source: Official still…