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The SPLICE Interview with Vincenzo Natali at 42 Sitges Film Festival

Interview Table of Contents: North American Release Date? What is SPLICE? Any Limitations in Realizing SPLICE? Realizing The Character of DREN With A Human Actress, CGI, Practical Effects & More… Read more »

Is Independent Cinema Dead? – Vincenzo Natali, Director of Splice

This marks the debut of an ongoing interview series where I ask key people in the film industry the hot topic question, “Is Independent Cinema Dead?” I hear this debated… Read more »

Splice (2009) – Daily Movie Wallpaper – Vincenzo Natali

[ View Image (1024×402) ][ View Image (1280×502) ][ View Image (2000×784) ] The Daily Movie Wallpaper Saturday, September 5, 2009 ***Nikkatsu Noir Contest from Cinema is Dope – Enter… Read more »