No Country for Old Men (2007) – Movie Wallpaper – Tommy Lee Jones

[ View Image (1024×680) ][ View Image (1280×850) ] Soft spoken and pragmatic, Tommy Lee Jones brings Sheriff Ed Tom Bell without a hitch despite being saddled with at times rather intricate and lofty dialogue. He brings poetry and a sense of soulfulness to in hands of other actors could have turned into pretentious misfires….

Burn After Reading (2008) – Movie Wallpaper – John Malkovich

[ View Image (1024×686) ] I have to wonder if everyone is taking the new Coen Brothers Burn After Reading too seriously!?! Over at GreenCine Daily (read here) there is a very engrossing and expansive post covering critical reaction to the film from the 65th Venice International Film Festival. It would seem like if Raising…

The Big Lebowski (1998) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×768) ] Who knew bowling could look so Viking and sexy at the same time!?! Great Japanese poster artwork that perfectly captures the spirit of this wonderful Coen Brothers cult classic. Eiga Chirashi = mini poster/flyer’s from Japan Image Source: Official still used in the original Japanese poster artwork for this film….

No Country for Old Men (2007) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×768) ] Inspired Japanese poster artwork for the latest Coen Brothers film, No Country for Old Men. The artwork itself features a distortion of brown that makes the overlying area around the cow skull seem more artifacted than normal, which is certainly an interesting added artistic choice. Eiga Chirashi = mini poster/flyer’s…

No Country for Old Men (2007) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×645) ] Incredibly striking scenic picture in “No Country for Old Men.” Josh Brolin certainly in my mind put in one of the better and more under appreciated performances of 2007 as Llewelyn Moss. There isn’t a lot of dialogue in his role as it’s mainly a body language and expression type…