Thanks Dear Readers

I would like to thank everyone that comes to Cinema is Dope and supports it. October was a landmark month for the site in passing 300 posts and in doubling the traffic in one months time. I really just do the site for fun. So many online film sites are geared towards generating traffic and…

Your Feedback Needed!

Attention dear readers. Now that I have this site semi up and going please let me know what you would like to see more of here. * Movie Wallpaper So this is the main thrust of the site. So if you want to see a specific movie or more from specific types of movies or…

Upcoming Images – Pretty Maids all in a row (1971)

I may have accidentally bumped into the motherload of “Pretty Maids all in a row” historical and memorabilia coolness. I’ll know more this week when I get a package in the mail. This could be a badass rocking find! Keep your fingers crossed. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0

Upcoming Images

Some upcoming images to expect here. * The Traveling Executioner (1970) * Short Night of the Glass Dolls (1971) * The Sword and the Dragon (1956) * The Warriors (1979) * Twisted Nerve (1968) – Two rare classic stills from. 0

Upcoming Images

Got some pretty rare French stills for the giallo Solange (and some German lobbies laying around I need to get some images up from) and a Mexican lobbycard for “The Wolf Man” that features some really lurid artwork. * What Have They Done to Solange? aka Cosa avete fatto a Solange? (1972) * The Wolf…

Upcoming Images – More Shaw Brothers!

Shaw Brothers images you can expect me to post here in the coming days. * Shaolin Challenges Ninja aka Heroes of the East (1979) * Blood Brothers (1973) * Executioners from Shaolin (1977) 0

Upcoming Images

Some more images you can expect me to post here in the coming days. * Hiroshima mon amour (1959) * Kaidan (1964) * Le Mépris (1963) ::: Upcoming Images (July 15th) ::: Upcoming Images (June 29th) 0

Upcoming Images

In the coming days ahead I will be posting images from: * Five Superfighters (1978) * Pretty Maids all in a row (1971) * Z.P.G. (1972) * Dark of the Sun (1968) * Airplane! (1980) * Out of the Past (1947) * The General (1927) * Dragon vs. Needles of Death (1982) Plus other Shaw…

New Start, New Site

Hello and greetings. Cinema is Dope will be launching tonight around 9 pm (central time). I hope to have a lot of fun exploring the world of cinema here. Most of my reviews, festival coverage and interviews will be appearing at another site. All of my movie wallpaper posts and more will be showing up…