Another Thing I Learned in Frankfurt

The official soap (both shower gel and hand soap) in Frankfurt, Germany is none other than Tricky Ricky. As such I would love to hear what you think would be the perfect theme song for this soap. For me it would go something like the Willie Dynamite theme song – “TRICKY! OHHH tricky RICK-YYY!“ 0

Another Thing I Learned in Dublin

Have you ever used a toilet and wondered… “what if, what if, what if, what if, whatif, WHATIF?… a toilet also had a super flush?” Well in Dublin and throughout most of Europe they are already ahead of you. Most all hotel toilets and some public ones you will find two flushing options. The first…

Companeros (1970) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×776) ][ View Image (1280×933) ] A righteous image of Franco Nero starts off Cinema is Dope. Let the cinema exploration begin! Image Source: This image comes from an official lobbycard from the original French release. Related Links: ::: IMDb Profile 0