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There Will Be Oscar Magic – Blood Gets 8 Oscar Nominations!

Oscar nominations are in and “There Will Be Blood” has gotten 8 Oscar nominations! I can’t tell how great it is to see this film which debuted at Fantastic Fest… Read more »

Spartacus (1960) – Movie Wallpaper

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[ View Image (1024×768) ] Here is a remarkable and extremely rare behind the scenes image from Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus with Kirk Douglas and Sammy Davis Jr. chatting. Image Source:… Read more »

Red Dawn (1984) – Movie Wallpaper

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[ View Image (1024×768) ] Wolverine, anyone? Trivia points if you can name each cast member above without peaking. Caption: Eight rural American teenagers will soon face a challenge for… Read more »

Seijun Suzuki – Style to Kill (Retro) – Movie Wallpaper

[ View Image (1024×768) ] Eiga Chirashi artwork for the Seijun Suzuki – Style to Kill Retrospective! This 2001 retrospective was done by Nikkatsu and featured over twenty of his… Read more »